Our Inspiration. Our Heart. 

Stefanie Ann Fiorini - Kinley was a 37 year old mother of 4 who had her whole life before her. Her passing was sudden and a very tragic event in the lives of her family and friends. Stephanie was a beautiful and spirited woman whose devotion to helping others, especially children inspired many.

Stefanie Ann Fiorini Kinley 
(1973 to 2010)

Stefanie’s family and good friends are all involved in the team and feel that Stefanie’s concern for children having avenues available to them to grow and develop in a positive manner would be the best focus.


Team Steffie Foundation


In honour of Stefanie Ann Fiorini-Kinley (SAFK 73-10) “Team Steffie” is a group of like-minded individuals who participate in fundraising events for local community groups in her name. 

The Team Steffie Foundation is an incorporated not-for-profit organization run by volunteers from Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and in the US. Our mission is to generate funds for selected community organizations and events through Team Steffie projects and initiatives such as “avenues for kids’ and Velo Tremblant. 

Team Steffie makes kids a priority. Team Steffie will consider supporting all community groups, but we have a distinct interest in those organizations that provide care and programming which directly effect our youth. 

Over the past 4 years we’ve raised over $50,000 and have participated in events both in Canada and Internationally. Although the majority of our activities are cycling based it is our goal to significantly increase the number and span of events and total dollars raised for community groups all over Canada. 

We are currently seeking a limited number of corporate sponsors who share our commitment to community and youth and will assist us in accomplishing our mission. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring Team Steffie. We’d welcome the opportunity to personally answer any inquiries you may have and can be contacted by email michaelf@teamsteffie.com or by phone (705) 879-9784. 

Michael Fiorni 
Team Steffie Inc.